AAVP-7A1 w/UWGS  (Vista 1)
AAVP-7A1 w/UWGS  (Vista 2)


Ref.: HBOS-82412

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34,50 EUR



From HobbyBoss to 1/35 scale for mounting and painting.

Brief History

The AAVP 7A 1 carries a crew of three plus 21 combat-equipped troops or 4,536kg of cargo from ship to shore. The addition of applique armor, an automatic fire suppression system, bow plane and improved transmission results in a vehicle with superior capabilities. In order to achieve commonality, the improvements developed for the AAVP 7A 1 have also been adapted to the AAVC 7A 1 and AAVR 7A 1.

Maquetas - AFV - HobbyBoss
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