M706 Commando Armored Car Product Improv (Vista 1)
M706 Commando Armored Car Product Improv (Vista 2)

M706 Commando Armored Car Product Improv

Ref.: HBOS-82419

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M706 Commando Armored Car Product Improved


From HobbyBoss to 1/35 scale for mounting and painting.

Brief History

The M-706, also known as the V-100 Commando or XM706E2, was built by Cadillac Gage starting in 1964 for use in Vietnam for reconnaissance, convoy escort, base perimeter defense, and other security duties.

It was deployed in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force as well as ARVN and Thai forces, and later found customers in military and police organizations around the world.

With up to .25 inch armor and deflecting angled surfaces, the crew was protected from small arms fire, grenades and anti-personnel mines.

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