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Soviet MBV-2

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Soviet MBV-2


From HobbyBoss to 1/35 scale for mounting and painting


Since the invention of the railroad, trains have always played a major role in wars, particularly for troop transport.

But even as early as the Civil War, specially armed armored trains were used in active combat.

For about a hundred years, ironclad trains were running the railroads of Europe.

To this day, only a few survive.

The Motobronevagon MBV-2.

Produced in 1938, this self-propelled vehicle was armed with three 76.2mm guns and ten machine guns, with a crew of fifteen.

Only two of these heavy-class armored trains were built, which saw extensive action in WWII against the Nazis.

One of the trains is now on display at The Kubinka Tank Museum



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