A-4E Sky Hawk (Vista 1)
A-4E Sky Hawk (Vista 2)
A-4E Sky Hawk (Vista 3)
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A-4E Sky Hawk

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A-4E Sky Hawk


From HobbyBoss to ecala 1/72 for mounting and painting

History of

The A-4 Skyhawk was designed by Douglas  in response to a U.S. Navy call for a jet-powered attack aircraft to replace the older A-1 Skyraider.

Douglas opted for a design that would minimize its size, weight, and complexity. 

The result was an aircraft that weighed only half of the Navy's weight specification. It had a wing so compact that it did not need to be folded for carrier stowage.

A-4E, including new Pratt & Whitney J52-P-6A engine with 8,400 lbf (37 kN)) of thrust, strengthened airframe with two more weapon pylons (for a total of five), improved avionics, with TACAN, Doppler navigation radar, radar altimeter, toss-bombing computer, and AJB-3A low-altitude bombing system. Many later upgraded with J52-P-8 engine with 9,300 lbf (41 kN) thrust;499 built.

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