RWD-8  - 1941 (Vista 1)
RWD-8  - 1941 (Vista 2)

RWD-8 - 1941

Ref.: IBGM-72504

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10,70 EUR

RWD-8  - 1941


From IBG to 1/72 scale for mounting and painting

History of

The RWD 8 was a Polish parasol monoplane trainer aircraft produced by RWD. It was used from 1934 to 1939 by the Polish Air Force and civilian aviation. The RWD 8 was designed in response to a Polish Air Force requirement in 1931 for a basic trainer aircraft. It was designed by the RWD team of Stanis?aw Rogalski, Stanis?aw Wigura and Jerzy Drzewiecki. The first prototype (registration SP-AKL), was flown in early 1933. It won the contest for the new Polish military trainer, against the PZL-5bis and Bartel BM-4h biplanes. It was considered a very stable and well-handling aircraft

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