F-51D Mustang (Vista 1)
F-51D Mustang (Vista 2)
F-51D Mustang (Vista 3)
F-51D Mustang (Vista 4)

F-51D Mustang

Ref.: ITAL-00086

Logo Italeri

10,80 EUR

F-51D Mustang


Plastic model to mount and paint to scale 1/72 of the brand Italeri

Brief History

The Mustang is one of the world’s best known airplanes and was without doubt the best fighter plane of World War II.

It was built in record time in 1943 for the European campaign and was well suited to fight the BF-109s and FW-190s of the German Luftwaffe.

Maquetas - Avion - Italeri


Pegamento Extra Liquido
Herramientas - Pegamentos - Tamiya

5,80 EUR



Imprimacion Gris
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Vallejo

11,50 EUR

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