Tiger I Ausf. E/H 1 (Vista 1)
Tiger I Ausf. E/H 1 (Vista 2)
Tiger I Ausf. E/H 1 (Vista 3)
Tiger I Ausf. E/H 1 (Vista 4)

Tiger I Ausf. E/H 1

Ref.: ITAL-00286

Logo Italeri

27,50 EUR

Tiger I AUSF. E/H1


Plastic model of Italeri to assemble and paint to scale 1/35

History of

The Tiger was certainly the most famous armored vehicle of World War II. Its fire power and protective armor made it the dominating factor on all battle fields during the years 1943-44. It did, however, present considerable problems, due to its complex mechanical construction.The Tiger crews were continuously engaged in maintenance work, which was aggravated through extreme conditions in the African desert and the Russian Plains.

Maquetas - AFV - Italeri
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