DC-3 Breitling (Vista 1)
DC-3 Breitling (Vista 2)
DC-3 Breitling (Vista 3)
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DC-3 Breitling

Ref.: ITAL-01393

Logo Italeri

22,75 EUR

DC-3 Breitling


Model to mount and paint by Italeri to scale 1/72


History of

A group of fans managed to fly from Florida to Switzerland with a DC-3 built in 1940 and there it was registered as HB-IRJ. Breitling used it as advertising support and the operator is the Super Constellation Flyers Association. On March 12, 1940 the aeroplane was commissioned by American Airlines. Meanwhile, it has accumulated more than 74.000 hours of flight time and is still today in excellent condition. It reached a speed of 250 km/h and the aircraft does not have a pressurised cabin. The crew consists of two pilots and a flight attendant. The DC-3 can even land at airports with a firm or grass runway with a length greater than 1.100 m.

Maquetas - Avion - Italeri


Pegamento Extra Liquido
Herramientas - Pegamentos - Tamiya

5,50 EUR



TS-26, Blanco Puro
Herramientas - Spray - Tamiya

9,50 EUR

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