F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 1)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 2)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 3)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 4)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 5)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 6)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 7)
F - 104 A/C Starfighter (Vista 8)

F - 104 A/C Starfighter

Ref.: ITAL-02504

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F - 104 A/C Starfighter


Model to mount and paint by Italeri to scale 1/32

History of

The supersonic interceptor aircraft F-104 Starfighter was, without doubts, one of the most famous, and long-lasting, aircraft in History. The F-104 entered in service in the late ‘50s and served with USAF for a long time. Later on, it has formed the fighter squadrons of several NATO air forces for more than 40 years. F-104A was the first version and it was used by USAF as supersonic interceptor in opposition to long-range soviet bombers. It entered in service in the late ‘50s. To the improved version, F-104C, was assigned the role of fighter-bombers and it was used during the early stage of Vietnam War. The “Starfighter” was based and developed on an original and unique concept for its time : innovative shape of the plane extremely thin, small, straight mid-mounted, trapezoidal wings, the stabiliator mounted atop the fin, a powerful and reliable General Electric J-79 turbojet engine able to guarantee outstanding supersonic performances.

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Compresor D-80
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