Truck U.S. Superliner  (Vista 1)
Truck U.S. Superliner  (Vista 2)
Truck U.S. Superliner (Vista 3)
Truck U.S. Superliner (Vista 4)

Truck U.S. Superliner

Ref.: ITAL-03820

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49,50 EUR

Truck U.S. Superliner


Revell brand scale model 1/24 for mounting and painting

History of

This large tractor is representative of many trucks used in the USA. Equipped with powerful engines and very large fuel tanks, these vehicles travel hundreds of miles at a time from one State to another. Characterised by large drive cabs with in-built sleeping facilities and every other possible comfort, they are, for their American drivers, a true “home from home”. Numerous “on the road” movies have succeeded in making this category even more popular.

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