Volvo FH16 XXL Viking (Vista 1)
Volvo FH16 XXL Viking (Vista 2)
Volvo FH16 XXL Viking (Vista 3)
Volvo FH16 XXL Viking (Vista 4)
Volvo FH16 XXL Viking (Vista 5)
Volvo FH16 XXL Viking (Vista 6)

Volvo FH16 XXL Viking

Ref.: ITAL-03931

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58,50 EUR

Volvo FH16 XXL Viking


From Italeri to scale 1/24 for assembly and painting



The FH series can be considered a milestone  in Volvo industrial vehicle production. Introduced to the market since 2001, it was released in numerous versions and variants. 

In details, the Volvo FH16 has been the reference version of the Volvo trucks line up. 

Powered by a 16 liter engine, capable of delivering 610 HP, it was characterized by a good power and low running costs. 

For those times, Volvo FH16 introduced advanced electronic solutions able to ensure a safer and more comfortable driving even in the long range delivery duties. 

The FH-16, well-known for its commercial success, has been the basis for many "Show Truck" characterized by impressive and high visibility customized livery.  

The "Viking" is a good example of Show Truck. 


The adoption of the bull bar with the grilles to protect the front lights, the installation of additional headlights, the choice of colors and the “Nordic inspired” graphic create a unique truck with a strong personality. 

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