RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 1)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 2)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 3)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 4)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 5)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 6)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 7)
RSO/03 with PaK 40 (Vista 8)

RSO/03 with PaK 40

Ref.: ITAL-06563

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34,10 EUR

RSO/03 with PaK 40


From Italeri to scale 1/35 to assemble and paint

Brief History

In order to cope with the poor road conditions on the Eastern front, the Germans built tracked tractors to tow all types of vehicles and also serve to carry various loads from ammunition and food supplies. The official description of this vehicle was “Raupenschlepper-Ost” (tracked tractor-East).The RSO  was built by the Austrian manufacturer Steyr-works. It had a commercial-type pressed steel cab and a wooden cargo body. The next versions, as the RSO/03 built by Klockner-Humbolt-Deutz AG, had a simpler, soft-top, slab-sided metal cab. It proved ideal for the mud and slush conditions of the Russian front. Thanks to its “off road” capabilities it was used as artillery and anti-tank gun as the largely used 75 mm. Pak 40 towing tractor.

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