T 34/76 M42 (Vista 1)
T 34/76 M42 (Vista 2)
T 34/76 M42 (Vista 3)
T 34/76 M42 (Vista 4)

T 34/76 M42

Ref.: ITAL-07008

Logo Italeri

13,00 EUR

T 34/76 M42


From the Italeri brand to scale 1/72 to assemble and paint.


The T 34 is considered among the best tanks used in the 2nd World War. Although simple in design, this vehicle was extremely robust, combining high speed with excellent off-road performance, plus good armament. Additionally, it was considerably armour plated and this aspect considerably reduced the efficiency of the German anti-tank cannons, at least in the initial stages of the war. Moreover, it featured an accentuated hull shape which increased its ballistic protection. Different, gradually improved versions of the T 34 were used throughout the War, giving a satisfactory account of themselves against Germanys massive Tigers and Panthers.

Maquetas - AFV - Italeri
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