Barco Pirata Barbanegra (Vista 1)
Barco Pirata Barbanegra (Vista 2)
Barco Pirata Barbanegra (Vista 3)
Barco Pirata Barbanegra (Vista 4)

Barco Pirata Barbanegra

Ref.: MAMO-MV82

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130,00 EUR


Pirate Ship (Sc. 1:57 L. 520 mm. H. 350 mm.) What we know about the exploits of Blackbeard, the notorious pirate, is a blend of history, legend and fiction. Edward Teach, this should be your real name, boarded and looted a huge number of ships, which brought him the fame of "Terror of the Seas", although the adventurous life of his only lasted twenty months. He was a character terrible, that his victims were paralyzed and just gave him.

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