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VAMTAC - Rebeco

Ref.: NIMI-3554

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108,00 EUR

VAMTAC - Rebeco


Nimix 1/35 scale for mounting and painting

History of

The High Mobility Tactical Vehicle(VAMTAC in its Spanish abbreviation) or "Rebeco"- as is commonly known- has been designed by the Spanish motor company UROVESA.

The VAMTAC represents the latest generation of Spanish 4x4 vehicles with an outstanding versatility for all types of tasks, a superb reilability and a huge load capacity. In 1998 it was chosen by the Spanish Ministry of Defese as the standard vehicle for the Spanish Armed Forces.

This fact gave rise to the mass production of the "Rebeco" at the end of that year. Currently the VAMTAC- Rebeco is employed by armed forces from 11 different countries.

In recent years it has been the pack mule in a good number of missions from Kosovo to Iraq or Afghanistan.

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