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Galeón San Martin

Ref.: OCCR-13601

Logo Occre

149,50 EUR

Galleon Saint Martin


Occre wood and metal riding model.

Traditional construction in wood and metal.

Double hull lining in sapely, walnut and ramin.

Components and parts in cast metal and turned brass.

Set of candles factory sewn and included.

Full colour instruction booklet with all phases of assembly photographed step by step.

Assembly instructions in 5 languages:

Spanish / French / English / German / Italian)

1:1 scale plans with the whole view of the deck, rigging masts etc.

Scale 1:90 Height : 550 mm Width 260 mm Length 660 mm.

Historical Review

The galleon named San Martin was built in Portugal and became Spanish property in 1580. It was the flagship of the Spanish Armada. On 22nd March 1588, Alonso Pérez de Guzman, the duke of Medina-Sidonia, admiral of the Spanish armada, unfurled his ensign on the galleon's mainmast. This was one of the few ships that managed to escape the storms and the English fleet's guns. Escala 1:90 Alto : 550 mm Ancho 260 mm Largo 660 mm.

Naval - Barcos Madera - Occre


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35,50 EUR

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