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Rogers 119

Ref.: OCCR-54008

Logo Occre

212,85 EUR

Rogers 119


From the Occre brand to scale /32 and measures Length: 502 mm, Height: 145 mm and Width: 87 mm. to assemble.

History of

A 4-4-0 locomotive, also called American Locomotives, was built by Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works of Paterson, New Jersey in 1868, along with the numbers 116, 117, 118 and 120.

No. 119 was parked in Ogden, Utah, when a call from Thomas C. Durant, traveling in the direction of Promontory, alerted that he needed a locomotive.

It was very similar to what happened to Leland Stanford and the Jupiter locomotive.

Durant, the vice president of the Union Pacific Railroad was traveling in the so-called Durant Special for the ceremony at Promontory.

A swollen river had dragged some bridge supports from "The Devil's Gate".

The driver refused to cross the bridge with the locomotive for fear that it would not bear the weight of the locomotive, but he did agree to cross the wagons.

The bridge endured and the wagons crossed successfully.

But they were on the other side of the river and without machinery.

Ogden was warned and the locomotive No. 119 was sent for the short journey to the promontory, where it was together with Jupiter of the Central Pacific.

The 119 continued as a cargo locomotive, being renumbered 343.

In 1903 it was scrapped for $1,000.

Spectacular model of the locomotive 119 that together with the railway model Jupiter complete a famous pair of locomotives.

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