T-15 Armata Tank (Vista 1)
T-15 Armata Tank (Vista 2)
T-15 Armata Tank (Vista 3)
T-15 Armata Tank (Vista 4)
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T-15 Armata Tank

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T-15 Armata Tank

The T-15 Armata with industrial designation "Object 149" is a Russian heavy infantry fighting vehicle first seen in public (initially with its turret covered) in 2015 during rehearsals for the Moscow Victory Day Parade. The T-15 is expected to replace the BMP-2 and MT-LB based platforms of the Russian Ground Forces. The T-15 features the Bumerang-BM (Epoch) remote control turret with its 2A42 30 mm auto cannon, a 7.62 mm coaxial PKT and a bank of two Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missiles on both sides. Like the T-14, the T-15 is based on the Armata Universal Combat Platform, but unlike the T-14 it has its engine in the front. Like the T-14, the T-15 is protected by reactive armour and an Afganit active protection system. While the T-14 has its Afganit launch tubes at the base of its turret, the T-15 has them arrayed along the top sides of its hull.

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