Vagón cubierto del Ferrocarril Alemán G1

Ref.: SABR-35A01

46,50 EUR

German Railway G10 covered wagon


From the Sabre brand to scale 1/35 to assemble and paint.

The reference 35A01 can choose to produce more than 6 models of different appearance, which greatly improves the diversity and playability of the product.


For example, purchasing several kits of this product to make a complete train of military train cars can make many different styles of cars along with each other.

Maquetas - AFV 1/35 -


German Gedeckter Guterwagen
Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Thundermodel

42,50 EUR



Railway Gondola 16,5-18 t
Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - MiniArt

49,50 EUR



Locomotora Armada Alemana Vapor BR52
Maquetas - AFV 1/35 - Trumpeter

95,50 EUR

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