Ferrari 375 Timplate  (Vista 1)
Ferrari 375 Timplate  (Vista 2)
Ferrari 375 Timplate  (Vista 3)
Ferrari 375 Timplate (Vista 4)
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Ferrari 375 Timplate

Ref.: SUPE-2928A

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Ferrari 375 Timplate

The Maserati 250F and the Ferrari 375 F1 was the first on cars to disposition of an unaware public in 1957. Like celebration of the notable Inheritance of SuperSlot, both special cars have been, again, faithfully reproduced by SuperSlot, each one of them with an exclusive chassis of tin that represents the methods of traditional production of the years 50. Donino Serafini, born in Italy in 1960, their career began steering motorcycles, for later on go over to the four wheels, I participate only in one of the big prizes" at home," in Italy, sharing [pilotaje] with Ascari Albert in the Ferrari 375 F1 in 1960.

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