Maserati 250F Timplate Car  (Vista 1)
Maserati 250F Timplate Car (Vista 2)

Maserati 250F Timplate Car

Ref.: SUPE-2929A

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Maserati 250F Timplate Car


Coche de Superslot compatible con todas las pistas de Slot. Audi R10 TDI Power Nº 7 pilotado por Rinaldo Capello, Tom Kristensen y Allan McNish en las 24 horas de Le Mans de 2006, consiguio la Pole Position y obtuvo la vuelta rapida de carrera, finalizando el tercero de la general.Slot car in Lithographed Plate to scale 1/32 of the SuperSlot brand, compatible with all Slot tracks.


The Maserati 250F and Ferrari 375 F1 were the first cars made available to an unsuspecting public in 1957. Celebrating the remarkable Heritage of SuperSlot, both special cars have once again been reproduced in detail by SuperSlot, each with an exclusive tinplate bodywork representing the traditional production methods of the 1950s. The Maserati 250F was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio, born in Argentina in 1911 and considered the best Grand Prix driver of his time. With a record 5 world championships in F-1 and known simply as "The Master" he laid the foundations for excellence and mastery. Edition Limited to 5050 units.

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