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Tapete de corte

Ref.: TAMI-74144

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16,50 EUR

Cutting Mat


This is a cutting mat used for working on small projects where the use of a cutting blade is needed. 

It will protect table surfaces from unwanted cuts and nicks. 

Dimensions: 145mm x 450mm x 2mm thickness. 

Made from semi-transparent blue-green resin with virtually zero odor. 

3-ply mat features an internal hard layer sandwiched by softer outer layers, increasing knife blade longevity while leaving minimal cut marks. 

Markings printed on the front side include: useful grids, increment angles, and curved and circular markings. 

It also features a scale ruler for easy switching between 1/1, 1/24, 1/35 and 1/48, plus handy markings to aid in the cutting out of thin masking tape strips. 

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