Papel lija P600 (Vista 1)
Papel lija P600 (Vista 2)
Papel lija P600 (Vista 3)
Papel lija P600 (Vista 4)

Papel lija P600

Ref.: TAMI-87055

Logo Tamiya

3,45 EUR

Finishing Abrasives P600


Sandpaper that can be used when modifying and finishing Tamiya products. 

For use on metal, plastic or wood. 

Can be used wet or dry and is clog-resistant.

Herramientas - Lijas y Limas - Tamiya


Imprimacion Gris Claro
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Tamiya

11,80 EUR



Pegamento Extra Liquido
Herramientas - Pegamentos - Tamiya

5,90 EUR



Lijador Amati
Herramientas - Varios - Amati

5,00 EUR

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