Cinta enmascarar 12 mm (Vista 1)
Cinta enmascarar 12 mm (Vista 2)

Cinta enmascarar 12 mm

Ref.: TAMI-87184

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12,25 EUR

Masking tape 12 mm


Masking is a job that must be done by modelers of all kinds at all scales, and requires precision to ensure that your creation gets the perfect paint job.

This masking tape assists in the process, allowing smooth and safe masking of curved lines where standard masking tape might hold creases and possibly allow paint to leak underneath. 

At 12mm, it becomes the widest in the Tamiya range, and is ideal for covering larger areas in a large sweep.

This tape is also available in 3 other widths to meet a variety of needs, such as 2mm, 3mm and 5mm respectively. 

Length of each roll: 20 m.

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