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Paleta 18 Pocillos

Ref.: TAMI-87195

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5,90 EUR

18 Well Palette


These well palettes are designed with a number of features suited to use when brush painting. 

They are made from lightweight PET plastic, and can be cut using scissors or hobby knife, making them a versatile accessory that you won’t want to be without when it comes to painting your models. 

18 well palettes x 5 

Palettes are made from 0.3mm PET, and feature 18 hemispherical wells which have a diameter of 20mm and maximum depth of 8mm. 

The palette can be used as is or cut into separate blocks if a smaller palette is desired. 

Lip on palette base gives good stability and can be used to affix it to your workbench with masking tape. 

Small ridges between wells help prevent unwanted mixing of separate colors. 

Features handy notches to rest your brush on when not in use. 

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