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Flak 37

Ref.: TRUM-02310

Logo Trumpeter

16,25 EUR

Flak 37

The Flak 37 was the same as the Flak 36. The Flak 37 became the standard defence weapon against low flying aircraft and was employed in 9 – 12 gun batteries. They were also fitted on trains, ships, U-boats, Flak towers and a variety of self propelled mounts. In August 1944, the Luftwaffe alone had 4211 guns in service.

Maquetas - AFV - Trumpeter


German 3.7cm FLAK 37 Anti-Aircraft Gun
Maquetas - Fotograbados - E.T. Model

17,40 EUR



TS-4 Gris Aleman
Herramientas - Spray - Tamiya

9,80 EUR

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