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Verde Asqueroso

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12,75 EUR

Green Filthy


From the brand Acrilicos Vallejo

Perfect combination of base colour and colour with high pigment concentration for the application of metal, plastic or resin miniatures, with a prefect self-levelling matt finish. 

Our original and unique formula is specifically designed with the aim of respecting and highlighting even the smallest details of the models and miniatures.

The Vallejo Hobby Paint range includes 3 neutral colours for base coat application, 19 shades for Fantasy, 5 colours for armoured vehicles and 4 colours for 2nd World War Infantry.

The entire range is designed to be perfectly matched to its corresponding colour from the Game Color or Model Color ranges, so that both painting techniques can be combined.

Each spray incorporates a plastic ring (painted with the same colour as the spray) for proper spray identification, as well as 2 diffusers: a reduced outlet valve, especially recommended for fine lines and detail painting, and a medium outlet valve, especially recommended for painting thicker lines and larger surfaces.

Low pressure valves provide excellent spray flow control.

The range is complemented by 3 varnish options: Gloss, Matt and Satin, which provide additional protection against miniature wear, as well as a consistent overall finish.

400 ml bottle.

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