German Fallschirmjäger Early (Vista 1)
German Fallschirmjäger Early (Vista 2)

German Fallschirmjäger Early

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German Fallschirmjäger Early


Case of 7 colors Model Color and 1 Panzer Aces, in bottles of 17 ml.

The set "German Fallschirmjäger Early WWII" contains the colors necessary to paint the most characteristic uniforms of the German paratroopers of the earliest campaigns of the war. The most iconic garment of these troops was the jumping blouse (Knochensack), which can be painted in green or in camouflage Splinter Luftwaffe (Splittertarnmuster 41). Colours are also included for painting clothes and accessories with the characteristic grey blue of the Luftwaffe, as well as jumping trousers with the particular German green grey Field Grey.


70.845 Golden Meat

70.821 German Camouflage Beige WWII

70.890 Refractory Green

70.830 Green German WWII

70.964 Military Blue

70.872 Chocolate Brown

70.950 Black

70,346 Splinter I stains

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


Limpiador Aerografo 200 ml
Herramientas - Varios - Vallejo

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