Hellboy Paint Set con figura (Vista 1)
Hellboy Paint Set con figura (Vista 2)
Hellboy Paint Set con figura (Vista 3)
Hellboy Paint Set con figura (Vista 4)

Hellboy Paint Set con figura

Ref.: VALL-70187

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36,50 EUR

Hellboy Paint Set with figure


Mantic Games and Vallejo are pleased to announce their collaboration agreement for the development and distribution of the set of paintings coinciding with the release of Hellboy: The Board Game.

The set is the perfect initiation tool for thumbnail painters and includes all the paintings needed to get started.

The Hellboy set is composed of 8 colors, a figure in Hellboy resin and a step by step on how to paint it, developed by Angel Giráldez. 

The step by step explains which paints to use, how to mix them together to get the perfect colours and includes practical tips to get your Hellboy figure ready to play with Hellboy: The Board Game.

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


Painting miniatures from A to Z (vol. 2)
Publicaciones - Libros - Vallejo

42,75 EUR



Imprimacion Gris Claro
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Tamiya

11,80 EUR

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