Colores US Marina aviacion (Vista 1)
Colores US Marina aviacion (Vista 2)
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Colores US Marina aviacion

Ref.: VALL-71157

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17,50 EUR

US Navy Aircraft


Collection of 8 color sets of Model Air for painting models and miniatures. Each one of these sets has a selection of special colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc. Contains 8 bottles of 17 ml. (with eyedropper) and color chart. *The RLM sets (German Lufwaffe XXII) & RAF-FAA contain a leaflet with a brief description of the colors and the part of the planes they were used. Colors 71.001 White 71.005 Intermediate Blue 71.049 Medium Sea Grey 71.051 Barley Grey 71.054 Dark Grey Blue 71.091 Insignia Blue 70.097 Grey Primer 70.109 UK P.R.U. Blue

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