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USAF Colores

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USAF Colors “Vietnam War” Scheme SEA

A set with 8 Model Air Colors developed for painting the aircraft of the USAF deployed in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The camouflage schemes employed for this theater of operations are known as SEA (South East Asia) and a variant of this was used by the SAC (Strategic Air Command) bombers. The colors have been formulated after a rigorous study of the bibliography available and precise matching of the exact shade with the Federal Standard 595 colorchart. With the collaboration of “Pieza a Pieza Modeling Workshop”. The set presents the airplane profile and a description of the colors need to paint the camouflage patterns. 71.023 Hemp 71.057 Black 71.125 USAF Brown 71.279 Insignia White 71.289 US Dark Green 71.294 US Forest Green 71.296 USAAF Light Gray 71.329 Green

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