DAK Colores 1941-1944 (Vista 1)
DAK Colores 1941-1944 (Vista 2)
DAK Colores 1941-1944 (Vista 3)
DAK Colores 1941-1944 (Vista 4)

DAK Colores 1941-1944

Ref.: VALL-71207

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15,75 EUR

DAK Colors 1941-1944


The case includes 6 Model Air colours required to paint battle tanks and vehicles framed within DAK units during the period from 1941 to 1944, from the initial tones from railway use, applied on RAL 7021, to the new shades specially designed for that operating environment, including Olive Green for units stationed in Tunisia.

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


Arena Desierto
Herramientas - Escenografia - Vallejo

11,50 EUR



Amarillo Desierto
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Vallejo

12,75 EUR



Mezclador de pintura eléctrico
Herramientas - Varios - Titans Hobby

39,75 EUR

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