Colores Britanicos Africa 1939-1943 (Vista 1)
Colores Britanicos Africa 1939-1943 (Vista 2)
Colores Britanicos Africa 1939-1943 (Vista 3)
Colores Britanicos Africa 1939-1943 (Vista 4)

Colores Britanicos Africa 1939-1943

Ref.: VALL-71622

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17,50 EUR

British Colors Africa 1939-1943


8-colour Model Air case that includes the references needed to paint any type of British vehicle used between 1939 and 1943, from the African front to Egypt and the Middle East, armoured or light vehicles.

The colour references used by the British on light vehicles and armoured cars responded to a regulation and an ordinance of applications by very strict dates and operations, but nevertheless there were no exact historical tones available for their reproduction, such as those used by Tarmac, although already in 1931 there was a letter of references for their nuance.

The advice of the expert Mike Starmer, whose work is well known among modelers and historians, has been obtained.


71,400 UK Pink Desert

71,143 UK Light Stone

71.031 Medium Stone

71.030 Greenish brown

71.309 Dark Slate Grey

71.012 Dark Green

71.043 US Olive Green

71.057 Black

Herramientas - Pinturas Set - Vallejo


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