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Green Earth Pigment


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Our range of pigments is a selection of natural earths and synthetic pigments chosen according to their permanence and resistance to light.

Pigments are commonly used to simulate wear in all types of vehicles.

Wears are of an operative or climatic type and through the use of pigments we can represent multiple effects, such as simulating the dust adhered to the chains and tracks of armoured vehicles, oxidations in the structure of the armoured vehicles, etc.

The range has been selected by expert modelers in order to provide all the tones necessary to represent different climatic and geographical conditions in the terrain of a diorama or a model.

The pigments can be applied in several ways, applied with a brush on the model; in dry, because their adherence characteristics are optimal; fixed with Thinner, to represent dry mud or accumulated dust, and using Pigment Binder, in case the modeler wishes to create an effect of a certain volume, such as accumulated mud.

The utensils can be cleaned with water.

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Herramientas - Pigmentos - Vallejo

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