Hollín de Motor (Vista 1)
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Hollín de Motor

Ref.: VALL-73818

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4,65 EUR

Engine Soot


From Acrylics Vallejo

A brownish shade, the result of accumulated dirt, lubricant residues and dust, observed on engine bulkheads, engine compartment walls and the underside of trucks and train carriages.

Weathering Effects is a range of formulated water-based products with which the modeller can reproduce on models and dioramas the effects of exposure to the elements and nature.

The references have been designed to faithfully represent the effects of nature and its environment, the dirt that can affect vehicles and elements such as fuel spills or stains; splashes of mud or lichen, covering a rock; humidity and verdigris, covering wood; oil stains on drums and grass crushed by the chains of a cart, still adhering to its links. 

Depending on our choice, we can realistically set the scene of a vehicle, integrate it into the environment and tell a whole story about its operational life. 

It can be used directly on the support. 

All the effects dry very quickly, allowing you to continue with the following processes, with the exception of dense muds which, depending on the volume applied, will require a longer drying time. 

The tools can be cleaned with water.

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