Hoplites Espartanos 450-300BC (Vista 1)
Hoplites Espartanos 450-300BC (Vista 2)
Hoplites Espartanos 450-300BC (Vista 3)
Hoplites Espartanos 450-300BC (Vista 4)

Hoplites Espartanos 450-300BC

Ref.: VICT-VXA002

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29,34 EUR

Spartan Armored Hoplites 450-300BC

This superb 48 figure set contains dozens of arm, head and weapon variations that will allow the gamer to make a myriad of unique figures.

Furthermore, the Spartan set can be intermixed with our recently released and equally fantastic Athenian Armoured Hoplites.

What does this mean? Even more figure combinations offering gamers the opportunity to build huge Ancient Greeks armies with no repetition. These figures rock and y’all need to buy them by the skip full. These bearded nutters are the really hard men of Ancient Greece and can be used to fight the Persians and other Greek states during the Peloponnese War.

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