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Range Rover Classic

Ref.: ITAL-03644

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32,50 EUR

Range Rover Classic


Italeri brand model to scale 1/24 to assemble and paint


The Range Rover Classic can be considered a milestone in the history of off-road vehicles.

It was produced in numerous variants and versions from 1970 to 1996. It was the first vehicle produced under the "Range Rover" brand and from 1981 it was available in the two- or four-door version. 

Thanks to its 4x4 traction and its sturdy structure, simple for construction but very reliable, the Range Rover was able to achieve very good off-road performances. 

The vehicle was able to obtain, very soon, good commercial success all over the World. 

The Range Rover, furthermore, was widely used by bodybuilders to create numerous special versions able to satisfy all types of needs. 

Continuously improved, during its career, in terms of engines, mechanical feature, interiors and details, it has always kept its role of “off-road” and “made in England” icon. 

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