ROC Army CM-11 MBT Brave Tiger (Vista 1)
ROC Army CM-11 MBT Brave Tiger (Vista 2)

ROC Army CM-11 MBT Brave Tiger

Ref.: AFVC-35315

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ROC Army CM-11 MBT Brave Tiger


To scale 1/35 of the mark AFV to assemble and paint


The CM-11 Brave Tiger is a Main Battle Tank (MBT) that was developed by the American General Dynamics and the Republic of China Army (ROCA) Armored Vehicle Development Center. It was introduced to the public on 14 April 1990. Being a variant of the M48 Patton, it is also known as the M48H Main Battle Tank. The CM-11 is a hybrid M60 chassis fitted with the turret from the older M48 Patton and the fire control system of the M1 Abrams. In 2017, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence started new tank upgrade program for which it allocated 6.5 million USD to state-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology for research and development of upgrade package for 450 M60A3 TTS which begins in 2018, testing and evaluation is expected to be complete in 2019 with upgrade program being launched in 2020 from which after completion CM-11 tanks are set to be upgraded next

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