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Rodillo Empedrado

Ref.: GREE-61632

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15,00 EUR

Cobblestone Rolling pin


Green Stuff World Textured rollers for spreading and shaping all types of putties, clays and pastes.

Made of transparent non-stick PMMA plastic.


Length: 14'50 cm (5.5 inches)

Diameter: 2'5cm (1 inch)

Size Drawing: 5-8 mm variable


1º Adequately mix the putty/sculpting clay until it is ready for use according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

2º Spread the putty/clay on the surface to be textured.

For best results, equalize and smooth the surface correctly before applying the rollers.

A smooth roller is recommended for this purpose.

3º Depending on the type of material to be used, it would be advisable to moisten the roller to avoid sticking.

4º Pass the roller slowly exerting the same pressure in all the points to obtain a similar texture.

5º Cut out excess putty/clay.


It is recommended to do this once the putty/clay has dried. 

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