Romfell Panzerwagen (Vista 1)
Romfell Panzerwagen (Vista 2)

Romfell Panzerwagen

Ref.: COOP-35002

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45,50 EUR

Romfell Panzerwagen


Model to mount and paint Cooper State Models to scale 1/35 in plastic

Historical Review

Romfell panzerwagen, a unique Austro Hungarian armoured car with its distinctive inward-sloping body, even today it looks like from another galaxy. 

It was designed by  Hauptmann Romanic and Oberleutenant Fellner. 

Their names were combined to give the name to this car.

Romfell was equipped with a machine gun that was an air-cooled Schwarzlose M07/12 protected by gun shields, with a supply of 3,000 rounds.

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