Roter Lowe

Ref.: MAMO-MV19

255,50 EUR

Roter Lowe

Galleon of Brandenburg 1597


Model in wood and bronze of this ship of the mark Mamoli with a few measures of L. 720 mm. H. 540 mm to scale 1/55

Mamoli's model double-lined boat is magnificent in every detail.

The structural woods are tanganic, mahogany, maple, poplar, boxwood and beech.

The lining is linden and walnut.

The decorative accessories are made of brass, copper and steel.

The colorful stern decorations are pre-finished in fine wood, and the Roter Lowe has its own display stand.

Ten sheets of blueprints are excellent, with clear instructions.

Historical Review

The Roter Lowe galleon was built in Holland in 1597 and was purchased in 1601 by the Konigsberg Council on behalf of the Brandenburg Elector.

It served as a patrol ship in Pillau from 1602 to 1605 under the command of Captain Peter Hintze.

The measurements of the Roter Lowe are unknown, however, with its 240 tons and construction methods of that time, it was possible to rebuild this ship having a length of 28 meters from bow to stern and a width of about 8 meters.


- 12 iron cannons on the lowest bridge

- 4 cannons for throwing stone balls and 2 others for retreat

- 4 shingles.

Crew: estimated 30 men.


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