Seat 600 Vintage  (Vista 1)
Seat 600 Vintage  (Vista 2)
Seat 600 Vintage  (Vista 3)
Seat 600 Vintage  (Vista 4)
Seat 600 Vintage  (Vista 5)
Seat 600 Vintage  (Vista 6)
Seat 600 Vintage (Vista 7)
Seat 600 Vintage (Vista 8)
Seat 600 Vintage (Vista 9)
Seat 600 Vintage (Vista 10)
Seat 600 Vintage (Vista 11)
Seat 600 Vintage (Vista 12)
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Seat 600 Vintage

Ref.: SCAL-6457

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106,65 EUR 118.50 EUR

Seat 600 Vintage


Limited edition of this classic brand scale Scalextric 1/32 and supports all tracks Slot.

SCX ® presents the SEAT 600 Vintage, a replica of the car that, since 1957, caused a change in the mentality of the Spanish in what the automotive and transportation concerns and was the object of desire of most .

This collector's item Vintage Series SCX ® comes in a limited edition of 1,500 numbered pieces in yellow and with a band with the checkered flag and the number 10 on the hood and side.

The model has been made ​​with the original molds that were used for the original model in 1966 and using the same materials of the time.

This special edition of the SEAT 600 comes with original box SCX ® models of the 60s, green and with the same design as then, and contains an exact replica of the corresponding sheet inside.

The model also includes a booklet with the history of this classic and different decorations that have been presented over the years SCX ®.

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