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Ref.: AKIN-AK060

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10,50 EUR

Dust Set


Set to create dust effects on any vehicle in arid or dry areas, especially the Afrika Korps.

This set contains three enamel bottles.

AK Interactive features the colors in sets that facilitate the modeler the choice of colors and the realization of the effects in models.

This set contains:

AK022 Africa Dust Effects.

AK015 Dust Effects.

AK011 White Spirit.

Herramientas - Pinturas Efectos - AK Interactive


Polvo y Suciedad
Herramientas - Pigmentos - Vallejo

12,85 EUR



Polvo y Suciedad
Publicaciones - Revistas - Ammo

8,00 EUR



Tanker Nº 3 Polvo y Suciedad
Publicaciones - Revistas - AK Interactive

9,00 EUR



Guia de Modelismo para Principiantes
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

12,50 EUR

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