Suciedad de Ciudad (Vista 1)
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Suciedad de Ciudad

Ref.: AKIN-AK145

Logo AK Interactive

3,90 EUR

City Dirt

35 ml bottles. The definitive collection of pigments designed exclusively for modellers. A series of basic necessary and frequently used colors mixable between. AK Interactive pigments are much finer than any of the existing products on the market and contain nearly 3 times the quantity of other leading brands at a lower price.

Herramientas - Pigmentos - AK Interactive


Fijador de pigmentos
Herramientas - Pigmentos - AK Interactive

3,90 EUR



Pincel Marta Roja Triangular Nº 3
Herramientas - Pinceles - Dismoer

6,85 EUR



Guia de Modelismo para Principiantes
Publicaciones - Libros - AK Interactive

12,50 EUR



Publicaciones - Revistas - Ammo

8,00 EUR

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