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Sultan Dhow árabe

Ref.: ARTE-22165

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91,50 EUR

SultanDhow árabe


Aretsania Latina naval model of laser-cut board parts, wood, brass parts and casting.

Cotton candles cut and sewn by hand.

Detailed assembly instructions with color pictures.

Once the model is finished it is 390 mm long, 440 mm high and 125 mm wide.

The scale of the model is 1/85


Discover this traditional boat used on the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, India and East Africa.

Until the 1960s, dhows made their commercial voyages between the Persian Gulf and East Africa powered only by their elegant lateen sails.

Naval - Barcos Madera - Artesania latina


Naval - Herramientas - Amati

21,85 EUR



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Naval - Herramientas - Artesania latina

27,95 EUR

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