T-6G “Texan”  (Vista 1)
T-6G “Texan”  (Vista 2)
T-6G “Texan” (Vista 3)
T-6G “Texan” (Vista 4)

T-6G “Texan”

Ref.: HBOS-80233

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T-6G “Texan”
The North American T-6G was designed as a training aircraft in 1934, but was used as a fighter, forward air controller, advanced trainer, fighter-bomber and interceptor, and became one of the most important aircraft of WWII. The T-6G variation was remanufactured from earlier airframes and had a 550 hp Pratt & Whitney engine. In 1941, at Tuskegee Army Airfield, Alabama, the T-6G was used to train the famed African-American fighter squadron, the “Tuskegee Airman”, which became one of the most respected fighter groups of the war.

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