Textura de Asfalto (Vista 1)
Textura de Asfalto (Vista 2)

Textura de Asfalto

Ref.: AMMO-2107

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Asphalt Texture


With a unique and different formula, and an extreme realism, AMMO has created the new texture of "ASFALTO" to give our vignettes and dioramas a perfect finish, practically identical to reality.

Starting from an acrylic base, which makes it comfortable and ready to use, it can be applied to small and large surfaces of our dioramas and vignettes.

Its application is very simple with any tool, and it can be mixed with other materials such as pigments, thus creating surprising effects. 

The result is suitable for any scale from 1/16 to 1/48, if the result is too granulated just let it dry and sand until you get the desired texture.

Non-toxic and odourless, it is diluted and cleaned with water.

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