Tornado GR.1 (Vista 1)
Tornado GR.1 (Vista 2)
Tornado GR.1 (Vista 3)
Tornado GR.1 (Vista 4)
Tornado GR.1 (Vista 5)
Tornado GR.1 (Vista 6)

Tornado GR.1

Ref.: ITAL-01384

Logo Italeri

14,50 EUR

Tornado GR.1


Italeri scale 1/72 for mounting and painting

History of

The multirole Tornado is a twin-engine combat aircraft with a variable-sweep wing. This kind of aircraft is the result of a joint development project carried out by British, German and Italian companies. Although during its lifetime it has been used for several purposes (ground attack, electronic combat/reconnaissance, interceptor), its main role has always been to perform low-altitude penetrating strike missions. Tornado can load and use a powerful and varied set of offensive weapons. The Tornado baptism of fire took place in 1991 during the Gulf War. The British Royal Air Force Tornado Gr. 1s, deployed on Bahrain and Saudi Arabia air bases, were crucial during “Operation Granby”.

Maquetas - Avion - Italeri


Pegamento Extra Liquido
Herramientas - Pegamentos - Tamiya

6,20 EUR



Imprimacion Blanca
Herramientas - Imprimaciones - Vallejo

12,75 EUR

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