Tripulación U-Boat 3 (Vista 1)
Tripulación U-Boat 3 (Vista 2)
Tripulación U-Boat 3 (Vista 3)
Tripulación U-Boat 3 (Vista 4)

Tripulación U-Boat 3

Ref.: ANDR-S12S05

Logo Andrea

31,35 EUR

U-Boat Crew 3


From Andrea Miniatures within the series 2ª G.M. 9 pieces in white metal to assemble and paint for the German Revell 1:72 U-Boat

Figuras - Militares - Andrea
10% dto.


Submarino Aleman Tipo VII C/41
Maquetas - Submarinos - Revell

139,95 EUR 155,50 EUR

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