Troqueladora de Hojas Azul Clara (Vista 1)
Troqueladora de Hojas Azul Clara (Vista 2)
Troqueladora de Hojas Azul Clara (Vista 3)
Troqueladora de Hojas Azul Clara (Vista 4)

Troqueladora de Hojas Azul Clara

Ref.: GREE-63537

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Leaf Punch Light Blue


From Green Stuff World Perforator to make miniature sheets compatible with various scales.

Various types of paper and materials can be used.

This die cutter will make 4 types of Linden/Chopper mini sheets.

We recommend using dry sheets of different colors.

The natural leaves need to be treated so as not to lose the colors.

There are many techniques and ways to achieve this effortlessly.

They can also be painted.

Instructions :

1.- Look for dry leaves in the park next to your house.

2.- Let them dry inside a book.

3.- Perforate the leaves of the park.


4.- Use white glue to stick the leaves to your diorama.

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Lamina Metal Flexible
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Dominando la Vegetacion en Modelismo
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